Tracking New Federal Spending: How Advocates are Monitoring ESSER Funds

Last Updated March 16, 2023

PIE Network members and partners are shining a light on the spending and impact of approximately $190 billion in new federal funding for K-12 education. Advocates are building trackers and other tools to ensure that money—distributed as part of ESSER, which you can learn more about in this brief—goes where students need it the most and where it will have the greatest impact.

This page shares tools to track ESSER plans and spending, and to engage communities in the process. If you have another resource to add or questions about how to track spending in your community, let us know.

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State trackers created by PIE Network members

National trackers created by PIE Network partners

Tools for community engagement in ESSER decisions

Additional national resources

District spending tracker examples

State spending tracker examples

Eric Eagon

Eric Eagon

Senior Director, Policy & Program