State Legislation Trackers

To help members learn more about what other states are doing on the topics that members most cited as high priority for 2023, PIE Network created this collection of recent and current legislation from state legislatures across the country. Each sheet can be filtered and sorted (for example, by state or keywords). 

PIE Network created these lists using Quorum, a public affairs database. Legislation found in these trackers are not endorsed by the PIE Network. Although these trackers are not exhaustive, they provide a thorough sampling of current and pending legislation in the states (note: the PIE Network team has filtered out a number of irrelevant bills). The Network will update these lists as new state legislation is proposed and bills move through the process. 

State Legislation Trackers (includes legislation from 2022 and 2023)

PIE Network Members, would you like a custom legislative tracker? If there is a topic of interest to your organization that is not already listed here, please reach out to Elissa ([email protected]) for a custom-built tracker.