What Unites Us

Our Vision

Every student, in every community, has the educational opportunities and experiences necessary to achieve a future without limits.

Our Mission

To connect, strengthen, and catalyze the work of education advocates across communities, states, and ideologies to transform education so every student, in every community can achieve a future without limits.

Members of the PIE Network are united by our common beliefs and approach to our work as education advocates, as well as a set of values that sustain and cultivate the Network and its integrity. In addition, all PIE Network members and partners advocate for policies within one or more of our four Policy Pillars. 

Our Approach

We Believe

  • Education can—and should—be transformative.
  • Change is needed now so that every student has access to an equitable and excellent education. 
  • Policy is a critical lever for systems change, establishing expectations, and driving resources to meet needs.

We put these beliefs into action by:

  • Listening to, engaging, and authentically elevating the leadership of students, families, and educators.
  • Using data and evidence to drive innovation, improvement, and quality.
  • Changing the system so that that policy, funding, and education designs adapt to best support student needs and outcomes.

Policy Pillars

PIE Network members’ priorities and strategies are unique to their communities and states. While Network members may not always agree on strategy or issues, all members demonstrate a commitment to upholding and advancing advocacy that includes but is not limited to driving improvements on these four policy pillars:

  • High Expectations – Support systems that hold students and educators to consistently high standards for learning, measure and provide actionable and clear data on progress, and establish shared responsibility for results.
  • Great Educators – Ensure teachers and leaders are excellent, well-trained educators who continue to improve their instructional practice through support and development guided by meaningful and actionable evaluation.
  • Innovative Options – Ensure all families can exercise their power to choose and access diverse, innovative, and excellent educational options designed and resourced to meet the unique needs and interests of their students.
  • Responsive Systems – Promote dynamic policies, pathways, leaders, and funding systems that are intentionally designed to best address and adapt to the unique needs of every student.

Our Values

PIE network actively cultivates a culture of openness, respect, and hospitality. A set of values helps sustain this culture, enabling honest dialogue and reflection across the Network.

  • We agree there is no one size fits all. There’s no universal model, no magic wand. Network members seek the relationships, interactions, and lessons that help find the solutions that are right for our own communities.
  • We are stronger together. By connecting across shared goals and diverse perspectives, we problem-solve collectively. New knowledge comes from the give and take of interaction. Sustaining relationships across the ideological spectrum is important for the long haul.
  • We are guided by evidence. The work is too important for political gamesmanship or fixed ideology. We seek proven results and good thinking from across the spectrum. We remain committed to an agenda that’s cross-ideological and non-partisan to ensure deep, sustainable impact. 
  • We value and support candor. We don’t just celebrate success, we get real. We courageously share failures and respectfully debate disagreements for the good of the cause.
  • We assume positive intent. When given the choice between being right and being kind, we choose the latter. We encourage candor and disagreement, and we’re quick to forgive when anger comes out.
  • We practice radical hospitality. Conflicts can’t be bridged, minds can’t be changed, solutions can’t be found without generosity and hospitality—and fun. A little laughter goes a long way.

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