What We Do

The PIE Network connects advocates across the country, strengthening, supporting, and promoting each other’s efforts. The power of these connections grows, exponentially. Organizations strengthen. The movement accelerates. So that the greatest impact can be realized, and every student, in every community, has the educational opportunities and experiences necessary to achieve a future without limits.

Engage & Convene Members

Advocacy and policy work is dynamic and ever-evolving.

PIE Network keeps a pulse on emerging issues, adapts quickly, and brings advocates together to share  ideas, insights, and know-how that can be put into action.

Through a combination of PIE Network’s formal programming and professional learning, on-demand 1:1 support, and informal connections, Network leaders leverage the power of connection to people, know-how, and ideas to spark innovation, sharpen strategy, and maximize efforts to improve education policy and practice so that every student, from every community, can succeed.

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Amplify Best Practices & Resources

By sharing strategies, lessons learned, tools, and know-how from state advocates and national partners, PIE Network is a resource multiplier, helping leaders make a compelling case for policy change and achieve breakthroughs.

PIE Network sythensizes and aggregates what’s happening in real time across the Network and sector through trackers, landscape scans, case studies and policy briefs. Network members and partners get weekly updates featuring resources, research, and relevant polling.

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Support & Sustain Leaders

Now, perhaps more than ever, we need strong leaders to drive education reinvention. PIE network helps leaders maintain high impact over the long haul, through a strong peer community, cohort-based experiences, and professional development focused on science-based practices for leadership and advocacy.

Advocacy is both hard work and heart work. The Network gives leaders access to connections with peers, ideas, and expertise that can help sustain and advance their work.

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