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PIE Network members are nonpartisan in ideas and bipartisan in approach, providing a consistent, evidence-based, and credible public voice in the process of education policymaking.

Who Can Join?

PIE Network members and partners believe policy is a critical lever for systems change, establishing expectations, and driving resources to meet needs—policy and advocacy is their primary focus. While PIE Network members’ priorities and strategies are unique to their communities and states, all members and partners demonstrate a commitment to upholding and advancing advocacy that includes but is not limited to driving improvements on the Network’s four policy pillars.

As a member, you will…

Be connected.

Fellow members are working on what you’re working on. They’ve been through what you’re going through. They understand the challenges of your unique role in a way no one else can. Your work is seen and validated. You’ll be less isolated. You’ll get needed perspective.

Think bigger.

Membership in the Network shifts your thinking and expands your mind.  A nonpartisan group with diverse perspectives, members come at the same issue from different angles, in an environment that supports risk tasking and challenging conversation. Members value success and failure equally, so you’ll learn from their mistakes and their wins.

Work smarter.

Membership in the Network makes everyone smarter and more efficient. Members share their best work, sharpest tools, and strongest ideas, helping each other save money, time, and resources. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel. You’ll actually improve the wheel.

Give back.

Membership in the Network provides you with opportunities to lead—to give as well as get. It’s a two-way street. While you’re learning, you’re also teaching.



There is no financial commitment to join PIE Network. Instead, we ask for members and partners time and insight to strengthen the give and get spirit of the Network.


There are two organizational commitments that serve as “dues” for membership:

  1. Participation of Lead Executive – The organizations working together through the Network know that the Network’s value is built through a commitment to giving as well as getting. This means a commitment to be present to support colleagues as well as benefiting from the support of colleagues from across the country. Because lead executives set the tone for their teams, we ask leaders of all PIE Network organizations to prioritize attending at least one in-person PIE Network event every year (preferably the Spring Executives’ Meeting and/or the fall Summit). As in-person meetings continue to be hosted virtually, we ask that executives commit to participating in at least three virtual meetings throughout the year. Engagement is reviewed annually and nonparticipating organizations risk losing membership if a clear pattern of disengagement is evident. Note: We hope all staff at member organizations actively participate in Network offerings; however, Network membership is monitored based on executive participation.
  2. Participation in Two Annual Surveys – We ask for thoughtful participation in two surveys: one about legislative, policy, and advocacy work advanced during the year (conducted annually in the summer) and about upcoming policy and advocacy priorities (conducted annually in the winter). These surveys help connect members with others working on similar issues, elevate issues of collective priority to drive toward solutions and supports, and help Network policy partners know where to invest the most in new policy resources. 

Application Process

Invitations to join the PIE Network are made by the Board of Directors, comprised of state and national advocates from across the Network. The PIE Network Board reviews applications on a quarterly basis. 

Interest Form

If you’re a state or local education advocacy organization interested in membership or national policy organization interested in partnership, please complete the below fields to submit your interest to the PIE Network team. 

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