Spotlight Schools: High-Poverty Schools That Are Raising The Bar

Audience: PIE Network Leaders

We hear a lot about what’s not working in education right now. This session will focus on what is working. Join Charles Barone and Rianna Saslow (Education Reform Now) to learn about the programs and policies that have driven success within high-performing, high-poverty schools across Colorado and Massachusetts. Saslow and Barone have found astounding consensus about what’s working, within and across two very different states, to drive better student outcomes, improved educator effectiveness, and positive learning environments. Join this discussion with three school principals – Andrew McKee (Rocky Mountain Prep, Ruby Hill CO), Rafaela Spence (Taylor Elementary, New Bedford MA), and Sarah Houle (Southbridge Middle School, MA) – to discuss strategies they employed with notable success, including high expectations, data, tiered interventions, family engagement, and explore the policy and advocacy implications of these findings. Register to join.