Survey Says: November 2021

PIE Network and the Center on Reinventing Public Education’s Evidence Project collaborated to bring you the latest surveys and public opinion polls that capture the perspectives of students, parents, teachers, principals, and system leaders on the COVID-19 crisis. Our survey portal tracks the latest polls, highlights important insights, and allows users to search for information by stakeholder group.

  • A recent study from the 74 finds that teachers use high-quality curricula in states that actively promote them:
    • “Comparing results from its new teacher survey to the two prior years, the RAND team saw particularly large increases in the use of quality math curricula in some states that have been in the network [of practice organized by the Council of Chief State School Officers] since its formation. Massachusetts and Mississippi, for example, each saw an increase of 15 points, while in Rhode Island, adoption of the materials jumped 31 points.” 
  • New polling by Echelon Insights analyzes where voters find common ground on race & K-12 education:
    • “3 in 4 voters agree: we should teach students about the way that racism in the past still has an influence over the way things are done in America today.” 
    •  “2 in 3 voters agree: acknowledging and celebrating diversity is important.”
    • “Most voters agree we should acknowledge the terrible things that have happened in our nation’s history regarding race so students can learn to make the future better.”
  • A recent survey from The 74 draws lessons from learning pods in supporting teacher-student relationships: 
    • “58% of surveyed teachers reported they were better able to support their students’ social and emotional well-being in pods than they had been in traditional classrooms.”
    • “In interviews, parents and teachers said the combination of small group sizes and flexibility to shape the learning experience enabled educators to form strong relationships with their students and ensure students felt seen, known, and heard, which, in turn, helped them support students’ learning and well-being.”
  • EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker – Top Takeaways from October 2021:
    • “In October, positivity about one’s local school district rose five points, to 39%, and statewide and nationwide education rose two points each.”
    • “Parents give less harsh grades to public institutions’ handling of K-12 education than the general population. Particularly, parents giving positive grades (A or B) outnumber those giving negative grades by 30 percentage points, the highest margin seen for this question.”
    • “70% of adults and 80% of parents support education savings accounts (ESAs). Notably, strong support among school parents for ESAs jumped seven percentage points in October, and total support among the general population rose five points.”
  • New FiveThirtyEight/Ipsos poll examines sentiments of both parents and school-aged children:
    • “25% of teens 12-17 are concerned about their ability to do well in school, up from 17% pre-COVID.”
    • “57% say they have received the COVID-19 vaccine, with another 5% indicating they would if it were up to them.”
    • “Vaccine hesitant kids 5-11 cite their parents (26%) and concerns over a lack of testing (25%) as their primary concern.”
  • A new survey from EdWeek of 977 educators covers a wide variety of issues, including supply chain problems, mask policies, threats, and meal distribution: 
    • “More than half of school and district leaders (57%) say supply chain and staffing challenges have hurt their ability to serve school meals.”
    • “Nearly three-quarters of school and district leaders (72%) said they have some sort of mask requirement.”
    • “60% of principals and district leaders responding to the survey said at least one of their staff members has faced threats from people who are dissatisfied with their district’s approach for dealing with COVID-19.”
Anna McDaniel-Wyatt

Anna McDaniel-Wyatt