Marques Whitmire

Marques has over 10 years of experience in finance and operations. Several years ago, he finally acted upon a driving notion that he had intrinsically known his entire life: “Education could and should consistently provide better and more equitable opportunities to traditionally underserved students.” Since then he has worked across the K-12 education space in a district, with charters, and with K-12 service providers to ensure that all students are provided with opportunities to learn and succeed. At Indianapolis Public Schools, Marques led district efforts to modernize payroll and accounting systems and was primarily responsible for moving the district from a traditional staffing-based allocation model to a system of student-based allocations/budgeting and school autonomy. At Instruction Partners, he built and developed the financial and administrative systems that allowed the education non-profit to grow from $3MM in annual revenue and 15 employees to over $9MM in annual revenue and 75 employees. At Allovue, he worked with districts across the country to help ensure their resources were spent more equitably. Marques is a Broad Residency and Pahara NextGen alumnus, he holds an MBA and an M. Ed., and is also a founding board member and treasurer of Believe Schools in Indianapolis.

What I Do

Lead PIE Network's internal Finance, HR, Operations, and Administration.

Reach out to me about

School finance policy, internal HR & operations policy, accounting and finance practices.

When I'm not at Work

In my spare time, I listen to music, podcasts, and, occasionally, my wife. I also enjoy playing basketball games and having lightsaber duels with my two young sons.