A Pivotal and Overdue Step Toward Accountability

On Tuesday, a jury in Minneapolis took a pivotal and overdue step toward accountability.

This conviction is a start.

“…accountability…is the first step towards justice. And now the cause of justice is in your hands. And when I say your hands, I mean the hands of the people of the United States.”

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison

We know that this has been an emotional week for so many of you, and we are holding you in our thoughts. We also know there is much more work left to keep bending that moral arc to redouble our efforts to demand change.

Through our collective and connected work, Network advocates will continue to support, connect, and inspire each other to fight against systemic racism and injustice and ensure every student from every community, has the opportunities and experience to achieve a future without limits.

Jen Alexander

Jen Alexander

Jen Alexander is Executive Director of the PIE Network. For over 20 years, Jen has worked at the national, state, and local level to bridge gaps between education policy, politics, and practice to make sure that all children get a great public education regardless of race, zip code or family income.