2012 Eddies! Award Winners

Recognizing Leading Ed Reformers

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Game Changer of the Year - Great Teachers Great Schools initiative

This year, network members recognized the efforts of the Massachusetts branch of the national organization Stand for Children as the “Game Changer of the Year.” Stand-Massachusetts ran a ballot initiative campaign for legislation that would ensure that performance comes before seniority in teacher staffing decisions. The success of this effort (polling showed that the ballot initiative would pass with a large majority) prompted negotiations between the interested parties on teacher evaluation and placement in Massachusetts, resulting in important legislative action that was ultimately signed into law by Governor Deval Patrick.

Best Ensemble Cast - Yes on I-1240

In the education reform world as elsewhere, it often takes a coalition of groups to create change. This year, network members acknowledged as the “Best Ensemble Cast” a coalition made up of Washington Stand for Children, the League of Education Voters, Democrats for Education Reform, and Partnership for Learning. Together, these organizations placed on the November ballot the initiative known as “Yes on I-1240,” which allows up to 40 charters schools in the state of Washington. This project required courage to launch because other state leaders were reluctant to work on the effort to place charters on the ballot, even though the timing was clearly favorable. 

Best Kept Secret - Prichard Committee’s “Ready Kentucky” program

Every year there are unheralded programs and policies that, without much fanfare, make a difference in the lives of students. As the first state to sign on to the Common Core State Standards initiative, Kentucky has done tremendous work to lead the pack in implementation of the standards. This success was due, in part, to the Prichard Committee's “Ready Kentucky” campaign. The program helps teachers, parents, and other involved Kentuckians understand and prepare for the state’s new academic standards. Kentucky has influenced the approach other states are taking to implementation of CCSS by providing an effective model. The Prichard Committee’s efforts were recognized by their peers in the PIE Network by being named the “Best Kept Secret” of 2012.

Most Actionable Research - Measuring Teacher Effectiveness

The work of PIE Network groups is evidence-based; research is a crucial component of their advocacy. This year, network members recognized the work of several groups who collaborated on a report looking at ways of evaluating teacher performance. Measuring Teacher Effectiveness, developed by ConnCAN, 50CAN, and Public Impact, provided invaluable data and information to guide the discussion around evaluation, particularly when opponents pushed back on what wasn't “possible.” It was an essential resource for educating decision makers and making clear what was possible when it comes to evaluation and ensuring all students have exemplary teachers leading their classrooms. 

Most Valuable Player - Chris Korsmo of LEV 

This year, network members recognized the executive director of the League of Education Voters of Washington State, Chris Korsmo, as the network’s “Most Valuable Player.” A first-generation college graduate, Chris understands first-hand the transformative power of education to lift families out of poverty. And as a life-long advocate of personal choice, she is leading the charge to ensure that all families have quality options in education and all students are prepared to go to college if they so choose. According to her peers, Korsmo represents what is best in an education reform advocate: she’s focused, tireless and a strong coalition builder. As that rarest of things--a realistic visionary—Korsmo’s leadership has proven instrumental in altering Washington State’s education landscape. Accepting her award, Korsmo advocated for a sense of urgency when it comes to education reform. “Kids don’t have a pause button,” she stated.

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